Kubernetes number 1 best practical TIP that will save you time!

A great advantage of working with dozens of open-source addicts is that tech tips & tricks pop up all over the place. One of our cloud-native experts brought up a Kubernetes feature that is worth sharing. It is not only easy to use, you also save plenty of time and typos. How does it work?

Start simple with Kubectl

Extend kubectl with plugins, click for example. It allows you to add your own sub-commands and define new functions that are not included in the main distribution of kubectl. We promise this will make your daily work with k8s much more efficient!

Taking things further with Krew

Install Krew. Krew is a plugin manager for kubectl. It works across all major platforms, like macOS, Linux and Windows and helps you to:

  1. discover kubectl plugins;
  2. install them on your machine;
  3. and keep the installed plugins up-to-date.

At the time of writing there are 175 kubectl plugins distributed on Krew. However, if you are as enthusiastic as we are… more plugins will follow soon!

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