Started on October 1, 1997, SUE is a vibrant company at the forefront of technical know-how. But we can also be proud of how we treat each other and how we stand in society. From a business perspective, there are many ideas such as scaling tech trainee training, offering managed services, and software development. These will demand a lot of time and energy from the management in the coming years. Hans Oey, director and founder of SUE, thought this was a good starting point for a successor and has retired this week.

New board member for SUE
“I liked the way people at Sue help each other, are direct and open minded. Sue colleagues are not only nice to each other, but also to the customer. I am very proud of that. Sue colleagues really try to help the customer in the very best way.” – Hans

The future

Nino Tomovski, who earned his spurs as the most recent CEO of Infradata, was looking for his own company to sink his teeth into. After extensive discussions, Nino on the one hand and the management on the other have come to the conclusion that there is a good match. After a positive advice from the Works Council, Hans transferred his shares to Nino. Nino’s resume is an excellent match for SUE’s needs. This is the best way to safeguard SUE’s own character. Together with Chris Hendriks, who will continue to fulfill the role of general manager, Nino will start working full of energy in the coming period. Nino is extremely enthusiastic about SUE, a well-positioned organization with a focus on beautiful technologies.

“Sue is a very interesting company and has a good market position. The focus on cloud/containerisation seems to me to be something we can explore further. In the first months I want to get to know Sue as an organization and the people better. Over time Chris and I would like to add new services. I'm really looking forward to it!” – Nino
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