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Red Hat OpenShift is a leading enterprise Kubernetes platform that enables a cloud-like experience everywhere it’s deployed. Whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise or at the edge, Red Hat OpenShift gives you the ability to choose where you build, deploy, and run applications through a consistent experience.

Benefits of Red Hat OpenShift include

  • Reduced complexity and risk – With Red Hat OpenShift, you can quickly develop, test and deploy applications with less complexity and risk
  • Increased efficiency and agility – You can increase your team’s efficiency and agility through self-service provisioning and automated workflows
  • Improved scalability and performance – Red Hat OpenShift delivers improved scalability and performance for your applications

What do you get with Red Hat OpenShift?

You get a platform that is easy to use, reliable, and scalable. You also get a platform that is backed by the world’s largest provider of open-source solutions.

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