Certified Red Hat Architect

Red Hat provides the opportunity to earn two different kinds of Red Hat Certified Architect certifications:

  • Red Hat Certified Architect in Infrastructure.
  • Red Hat Certified Architect in Enterprise Applications.

At SUE we have them both, many of our Red Hat architects are fully certified.

Your company’s success is our top priority. With certified experts working on your business needs, we ensure that applications and processes merge seamlessly together in the Cloud so you can focus what matters most, servicing your customers – and their needs.

Red Hat Architect Expert

Our experts have extensive expertise in the areas of cloud, automation, containerization, architecture and DevOps. This expertise has been tested through professional certification.

Learn more about our Certified Red Hat Architect. Talk to one of our experts. See the impact that SUE will offer as your dedicated partner specialist in Red Hat.

Our Certified Red Hat Architect is ready for your challenges

Explore your opportunities with SUE & Red Hat. Just reach out to one of our experts and discuss your needs, project and price. Or get to know us, and setup a quick 1-on-1 meeting and just ask us anything. SUE always provide the best solution in your next step with Red Hat, Cloud & IT.