Infrastructure as Code

With Infra as Code (IAC) you define and manage your IT infrastructure by means of code. Automate time-consuming and risky processes and easily transfer your encrypted components to cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Benefit from a fast and secure infrastructure? Contact SUE’s IAC certified engineers.

The Benefits of Infra as Code

Infrastructure as Code enables DevOps and Infrastructure teams to use Version Control and Continuous Delivery pipelines. In addition a unified and automated infrastructure provisioning, including servers, tooling and services, provides benefits for your organization’s efficiency, cost and security.

Improve speed and operational continuity

Code is reproducible. Infrastructure as code allows users to easily edit and distribute configurations. Start with Continuous Integration en Continuous Delivery!

Save (cloud) costs

Infra as Code automatically (de)activates infrastructures depending on the load. An easy way to save money on cloud hosting.

Reduce risk through proven processes

Iac eliminates the need for manual infrastructure provisioning and management. While efforts are minimized, insight and control are increasing.

Infra as Code Pricing

What costs you can expect for using or implementing Infra as code in your organization? It depends on many factors, for example which IaC tool you will use.

SUE has listed the most common costs for Infrastructure as Code. We’d love to share these pricing details with you!

Whitepaper Infra as Code

With over hundred cloud-native experts, SUE is the knowledge center for Infrastructure as Code. Our white paper includes:

The benefits Infra as Code has to offer
Which IaC tools are available, including descriptions
How to implement Infrastructure as Code in your organization

Infra as Code Support

SUE Infrastructure as Code (SUE IAC) helps developers and organizations to get the most out of tools like HashiCorp Terraform, AWS Cloudformation, SaltStack and Puppet. Our IAC engineers provide solutions, codes and changes that will seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure.