The Incubator Program


The Incubator Program is tailor-made. We take your personal interests and learning goals into account. You gain knowledge about the latest technologies and get to work hands-on with, for example, Linux, CI/CD, Kubernetes, Terraform, Golang and AWS. The combination of theory with practice provides rock-solid technical skills and professional skills. The technical level is superb, and you learn all the ins and outs from our cloud-native experts.

Technical Future

Talents who achieve successful results at The Incubator can start working as DevOps Engineer or Cloud Engineer at SUE. With our services, such as Consultancy, Professional Services and Managed services, you work on technical assignments for excellent customers, such as high-tech scale-ups, internet providers and scientific institutes. As a Cloud Native expert, you design, build, support, manage, improve and innovate IT environments. We look for assignments where you can develop optimally. Even after The Incubator Programme, you can follow training courses and attend technical lectures or conferences.