From cloud migrations, or containerization of various workloads, to defining infrastructures via Infra as Code. Projects come in all sizes and varieties. Yet they have one thing in common: IT projects are often complex, both process-wise, technically as legally. Does your organization not have sufficient knowledge, capacity or experience to make a project a success? Sue is here to help!

First Time Right
Due to 25 years of solving IT assignments and cloud native challenges, for a broad portfolio of clients, Sue today guarantees an outstanding level of project quality. It is our goal to provide organizations with a spotless project process, without wasting valuable time redoing process steps. This First Time Right approach drives your business results with right speed, agility and quality.

Personal approach
In addition, problems may develop that can seem unsolvable due to limited resources. Sue offers customization, starting with a thorough assessment and setting up a targeted plan of action. We use Waterval and Scrum methodologies depending on the specificities of the project. The Sue team always keeps an eye on diligence and security. Of course communication is key, that is why our clients will continuously be well informed about the status of the project.

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