Using a single public cloud platform is not desirable in every situation. This could be because of wanting greater independence, better (geographical) accessibility, or due to restrictions within legal & governance. SUE advises and takes care of the professional design of your multi-cloud infrastructure. Controllability, platform-independent tooling, and observability are essential topics.

Multi-Cloud MSP

SUE employs more than one hundred Cloud Native experts. Together we ensure that your organization is future-proof. We will gladly tell you more about our State-of-the-Art Cloud Technologies, business cases, and how we help others to achieve great results with our managed cloud services.

Why Multi-Cloud?

Multi-cloud is becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to take advantage of the agility and flexibility the cloud offers. By using several public clouds from more than one cloud provider, companies can enjoy the benefits of increased redundancy, better performance, and more flexibility in terms of which services they use.

What does SUE offer

SUE offers a multi-cloud platform that allows businesses to incorporate multiple public clouds into their infrastructure. The platform provides a single management interface for all your clouds, making it easy to deploy and manage applications and services across multiple clouds. This allows businesses to take advantage of the best features offered by each cloud provider while enjoying the ease of management and increased redundancy that SUE provides.

Benefits of using a multi-cloud platform:

  • Achieve greater agility and flexibility – By using multiple providers, businesses can quickly adapt to changes in their business environment
  • Improve performance – By spreading workloads across multiple providers, businesses can improve performance as well as avoid contention for resources.
  • Reduce costs – By using multiple providers, businesses can get the best service deal and avoid being locked into a single provider.
  • Gain more control over their infrastructure – With a multi-cloud platform, businesses have a greater degree of control over their infrastructure and can more easily adapt to technological changes.

If you’re looking for greater agility and flexibility in your cloud deployment, or if you’re looking to reduce costs and gain more control over your infrastructure, then consider using a multi-cloud platform. SUE offers a comprehensive cloud platform that makes it easy to manage applications and services across multiple clouds. Contact us today for more information.

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