Red Hat Ansible

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a perfect foundation for implementing and managing large-scale IT automation in any environment; from hybrid cloud to multi-cloud. The platform contains all the tools needed to roll out company-wide automation. This allows users across the organization to create, share and manage automations together. The advantages? More speed and consistency, less manual work and mistakes.

With our certified Ansible Automation experts, SUE is a reliable and experienced party for advice or hands-on support with Ansible issues.

Use Ansible Automation Platform to improve your organization’s automation capabilities. Ansible Automation Platform enables you to share and manage automation across development and operations teams, improving speed and efficiency. Additionally, Ansible Automation Platform provides a framework for hybrid cloud and edge deployments. With Ansible Automation Platform, you can improve your organization’s automation capabilities while also expanding into new areas of the IT landscape.

Red Hat Ansible Price List