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About SUE

We are one of the largest Cloud Native Solutions organizations in Europe.

With over hundred certified experts, we ensure that business applications and company processes merge seamlessly together in the cloud.

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Our core values

Express your Tech DNA

SUE is a Cloud & IT company, with focus on Cloud Native technologies form our core.

Our Cloud Native experts follow the latest technical developments and are continuously looking to improve and immerse themselves in interesting tech applications! In order to prove this, SUE experts regularly obtain certificates.

Our Customer Commitment

Our customers expect premium services. All SUE experts are 100% dedicated to helping customers with their challenges.

In this way, we ensure that customers effortlessly take advantage of the most advanced technological trends. We do this with excellent know-how and professionalism.

Achieve your Full Potential

Implementing improvements and innovations often takes far too long.

SUE experts get to work right away. When it comes to business-critical processes, work proceeds very carefully. However, our experts are not hindered by stacks of paper and legacy. We deliver in the short term with sight to the long term.

Why work with us?

Cloud Native Pioneers
With over hundred experts at SUE, we are one of the biggest cloud-native business community in Europe.

The Full Package
Our knowledge covers all mission-ciritical components. From DevOps, CID/CD and networking to security and observability.

Strategic Partnerships
Take advantage of our premium  partnerships with promising players in the cloud-native ecosystem like Gitlab, HashiCorp and Cilium.