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About SUE

We are one of the largest Cloud Native Solutions organizations in Europe.

With over hundred certified experts, we ensure that business applications and company processes merge seamlessly together in the cloud.

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Cloud Native Solutions

Our core values

Express your Tech DNA

SUE is a leader in Cloud Native technologies and solutions. Our Cloud Native experts are pioneers and innovators in the field. They are passionate about learning and immersing themselves in the newest technology applications and eager to obtain the most advanced certifications. Technology is not only our profession but also our passion.

Our Customer Commitment

SUE is dedicated to our customer’s success. We engage strategically to deliver the most innovative technology for our customer needs. SUE’s focus is collaboration, searching for the most effective ways for our customer to stay or become the market leader, large or small. We are proud of engaging with our clients year after year and guiding them through shifting technology paradigms. Our customer’s success is our success.

Achieve your Full Potential

At SUE we focus on knowledge and development for our experts and our customers. Our experts are encouraged in their quest for the newest technology. SUE’s spotlight on innovation and learning is the path to your full potential.

Why work with us?

Cloud Native Pioneers
With our dedicated Cloud Experts at SUE, we are one of the biggest cloud-native business community in Europe. Want to know more? Just contact us.

The Full Package
Our knowledge covers all mission-ciritical components. From DevOps, CID/CD and networking to security, observability and managed services.

Strategic Partnerships
Take advantage of our premium  partnerships with promising players in the cloud-native ecosystem like Gitlab, HashiCorp, Kubernetes and Cilium.