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Cloud Native Adoption Platform

It is due to become Cloud Native with SUE with our next-gen Cloud Native Adoption Platform.

A Cloud Adoption Platform consisting of an outstanding collection of opensource technologies. Carefully chosen to provide organizations with a next-level cloud environment. Fully flexible, scalable, and suitable for any desired cloud strategy.

Get to know CNAP, the perfect foundation for a future-proof cloud native infrastructure!

CNAP: Cloud Native Adoption Platform

Cloud Native Adoption Platform

Your All-In-One Package for going Cloud:

  • An indestructible infrastructure, suitable for any cloud
  • Kubernetes, the standard for orchestrating containers
  • Next-level flexibility with containerized applications
  • Efficient workflows through CI/CD pipelines
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What you get in our Cloud Native Adoption Platform

One Platform, Endless Advantages

  • Quick Start
    Receive a ready-to-use platform. Up and running in 15 minutes. Easy setup, your rules.

  • The Full Package
    Equipped with mission-ciritical components like networking, security and observability.

  • Best Of Class Technology
    Battle tested tools, working perfectly together. Backed by 25 years of experience.

  • Automatic Updates
    Batteries included. New versions will be released on a regular basis.

  • Managed Continuously
    Simple, fast and efficient. We strive for as less complexity as possible.

  • Save Time-To-Market
    It is all about pace, automation and efficiency.

Fully Automated Migration Cloud Experience

Cloud Native Adoption Platform with our Cloud Native Adoption Platform

Setup within ± 30 min. Carefree migration. Experience for free.

Cloud Native. Future proof. Smartly Automated. Renowed Platforms.

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The Cloud Native Adoption Platform Framework

Cloud Native Infrastructure

Distributed, resilient and reliable systems in the Cloud.

Container Orchestration

Mechanisms for deploy, and managing of containers.

Containers Ready to Scale

Immutable application images ready to scale.

Observability all parts

Measure and observe your application ecosystem.

DevOps CI/CD the Smart Way

Repeatable automated application deployments.

Our Cloud Native Framework

The most convenient way to accelerate the adoption of cloud-native solutions.

Cloud Native Framework by SUE Cloud Native Solutions and Services
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