Migrate to Azure

Elevate your IT ecosystem leveraging the best cloud platforms and services. Our certified cloud-native experts migrate your on-premises workloads seamlessly to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Migration Service
Benefit from a cost-efficient IT infrastructure, more flexibility, better security of workloads and less downtime.

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How we migrate Azure

We deliver top-notch end-to-end consultancy and support on all stages of the cloud migration process. From workload assessments to post-migration guidance.

Smooth Azure Migration

A smooth migration without disruption of service. Through battle-tested tools and extensive Azure experience we ensure quick, reliable and secure handling.

Dedicated approach

After analyzing your workloads from technology and business perspectives, we recommend the most convenient migration solution for your organization.

Azure Migration Solutions

There is no one-process-fits-all when moving applications from your on-premises data center to the cloud. However, there are recognized migration technologies and strategies. Our cloud migration portfolio includes among; Lift and Shift, Containerized Applications and much more.

Not sure what your best migration method(s) should be? Be sure to contact one of experts, and discuss your migration situation with an real cloud migration professional.

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Lift and shift

With lift and shift, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), we re-host your applications in Microsoft Azure. Our certifed experts migrate your workloads to the cloud without changing the architecture of the app. Your organization immediately takes advantage of improved performance and resilience.

Containerized applications

Migrate your on-premises applications to containers for optimal resource utilization, quicker deployments, replication, fast cloning and no vendor lock-in.

We have build an automation-driven platform to accelerate the on-boarding of your on-premises apps to containerized workloads in Microsoft Azure.