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Cloud Security

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Security Assessment

Identify potential entrances and discover the weaknesses of your infrastructure. Our in-house penetration testers investigate possible attack scenarios and simulate cyber attacks to provide you with well-founded advice.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Support

Experienced experts answer security questions on a technical and organizational level. For an advanced approach to security: from technology and procedures to governance and employees.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Met behulp van monitoring en logging worden opvallende activiteiten rondom uw systemen en applicaties automatisch gedetecteerd en gerapporteerd. Cruciale informatie voor een actieve security aanpak.

Vulnerability Assessment

Your IT environment is extensively scanned for common vulnerabilities and configuration errors. Subsequently, the safety risks are assessed and recommendations are drawn up.

Auditing & Reporting

Does your infrastructure have to meet certain certification requirements? Could your IT environment use a health check or are you looking for a second opinion? Sue has experienced and certified experts ready to help you!

Customized Solutions

Does your IT environment require security solutions that are not listed here? Challenge us! Sue has been building, managing and optimizing IT landscapes for 25 years. We are used to delivering custom work, and we are very good at it.

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