Cloud Native Computing Event

We are thrilled to share that on Wednesday 1 December the Cloud Native Computing Event will take place at SUE. Awesome speakers like Liz Rice (Chair of the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee and author of the book Container Security) and Thomas Graf (CTO of Isovalent and and longtime Linux kernel developer) will share & show revolutionary developments in cloud native migration, networking, security and observability. Get ready to be blown away by groundbreaking technologies such as eBPF and Cilium.

  • Discover the revolution in cloud native networking, security and observability.

  • Learn how to become hybrid and multi cloud ready.

  • Experience a next-level cloud native platform.

  • Get acquainted with the coolest open source initiatives.

  • Connect with technology pioneers.

Agenda highlights:

  1. Welcome & Introduction
    Why you should know eBPF | Liz Rice (A pioneer and trailblazer for many more exciting innovations in the cloud native environment.)
    – The Cilium Project | Thomas Graf
    – Driving the revolution in cloud native networking, security and observability.
  2. Break
  3. Next level Cloud Native Adoption Platform, Serge van Namen
    – How to accelerate your cloud journey and make your company hybrid and multi cloud ready with AWS, HashiCorp Terraform, Kubernetes, Cilium, NGINX, Elastic, Gitlab, etc.
  4. Joint Q&A

Cilium & eBPF

Cilium is the only eBPF-based Kubernetes connectivity platform (CNI) providing the most advanced networking, observability, and security capabilities for K8s, VMs and Bare-metal.

As the co-maintainer of eBPF and the Gartner 2021 Cloud Networking Cool Vendor, Cilium is running the world’s largest K8s deployments such as AWS Anywhere, Google Cloud, Sky, Alibaba, Tencent, Capital One, DataDog, Palantir, and many others.

With 8700+ Slack members and 9300+ GitHub stars, Cilium simply replaces the legacy IPtable, sidecar based Service Mesh technology and move Kubernetes to a much more efficient eBPF data-plane with additional capabilities (see below).


  • Kernel-based Service and Cluster Mesh (Hybrid Cloud/Multi Cloud/EKS/AKS/GCP) enables cross-cluster connectivity that is seamless, efficient and secure
  • Service Mesh replacement and E2E traffic Encryption
  • K8s event/metric export to any SIEM/Observability tool and extend your platforms to Kubernetes
  • Zero-trust network security with micro-segmentation via powerful Kubernetes-identity and DNS aware network policies
  • Enables high-performance service-aware load-balancing
  • Includes Non-Kubernetes workloads via Cilium’s VM/bare-metal integration

Event: Cloud Native Computing

Wednesday, December 1, 2021
16:00 – 17:00 Talk & Demo
17:00 – 19:00 Dinner & Drinks

De Ooyen 9
4191 PB Geldermalsen
The Netherlands

Join us at Sue HQ
(Geldermalsen) or
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