Hands-on Cilium Workshop in Geldermalsen with Isovalent & SUE

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Unlock the power of Cilium in our hands-on workshop in Geldermalsen! Join Isovalent and SUE for an instructor-led session featuring a variety of hands-on labs catering to your experience level. Strengthen your Cilium expertise while connecting with your local community. Secure your spot and sign up today for an immersive learning experience!

Isovalent Hive Track: Cilium Deep Dive event

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Unlock the power of Cilium for network security and performance. Easily install on Linux hosts with kernel versions above 4.8, supporting BPF and XDP, and deploy through systemd, Kubernetes, or Mesos. Enforce policies, enable load balancing, and more with Cilium. Learn more and optimize your network security with Cilium, and contact us for further assistance.