Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

Our Certified Kubernetes Application Developers are your guaranteed experts in design, build and deploy cloud-native applications for Kubernetes within diverse, complex requirements. If you are looking for excellent partner that has Certified Kubernetes Application Developers, then get to know us and talk to one of Kubernetes DevOps today.

Kubernetes Certified Application Developer 

Each Kubernetes Professional has also hands-on experience designing and deploying Cloud Native applications with Kubernetes. What to expect when working with SUE?

  • Our Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) can design, build and deploy cloud-native applications for Kubernetes.
  • We define application resources and use Kubernetes core primitives to create/migrate, configure, expose and observe scalable applications.
  • Experts with knowledge of container run-times and microservice architecture.
  • Expertise with (OCI-compliant) container images, applying Cloud Native application concepts and architectures, working with and validating Kubernetes resource definition.

Your company’s success is our top priority. With certified experts working on your business needs, we ensure that applications and processes merge seamlessly together in the Cloud so you can focus what matters most, servicing your customers – and their needs.

Kubernetes Application Developer Expert

Our Certified Kubernetes Application Developer have extensive expertise in the areas of cloud, automation, containerization, architecture and DevOps. This expertise has been tested through professional certification, and hands-on experience with renowned companies.

Our Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) is ready for your challenges

Explore your opportunities with SUE & Kubernetes. Just reach out to one of our experts and discuss your needs, project and price. Or get to know us, and setup a quick 1-on-1 meeting and just ask us anything. SUE always provide the best solution in your next step with AWS, Cloud & IT.

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